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a banquet in his court.

1. The Green Knight

Based on the story "Sir Gawain and the Knight in Green", the film tells about King Arthur holding a banquet in his court. A green knight came to challenge the Knight of the Round Table: Who dares to cut off his head on the spot and ask him to retaliate a year later. Gao Wen accepted the challenge and cut off the head of the Green Knight. The still alive body picked up its head and returned to the green church. A year later, Gao Wen fulfilled his promise to find the Green Knight.

2. Quiet Place Part 2

The story unfolds from the previous one. After her husband died to protect her family, Evelyn (Emily Bront) has to face a new challenge of survival with her children (Millison Simmons, Noah Yoppe) alone. They will be forced to leave their homes and embark on an unknown journey. In the silent world, in addition to avoiding the killing of the "hunting monster", there is a new crisis at the end of the road paved with fine sand.

3. Ghostsbusters Afterlife

A young brother and sister followed their mother to the countryside. However, a series of strange things happened in this remote and quiet town. A mysterious man who claimed to study supernatural phenomena appeared quietly.

4. Godzilla vs Kong

These two opponents, who were as powerful as gods, met in a spectacular war, when the fate of the world was hanging in the line. In order to find a real home, King Kong and his protectors embarked on a difficult journey. Along with them, there is also a young orphan girl, Jiya, who has a unique and strong close relationship with King Kong. But unexpectedly, they met with the angry Godzilla on the way ahead, which also caused a series of damage in the world. An invisible force caused a huge conflict between the two beasts, and the mystery hidden deep in the heart of the earth was also revealed.

5. House of Gucci

This film revolves around the story of Maurizio Gucci, the third generation successor of the fashion brand Gucci. Maurizio Gucci is the grandson of Guccio Gucci, the founder of Gucci. In 1995, a young man from Sicily shot him on the stairs of the office in Milan. His wife Patrizia Gucci was sentenced to 29 years in prison for planning the murder of her husband.

6. Last Night in Soho

Eluth (Thomas McKenzie) is a simple and kind country girl, eager to become a fashion designer. With her own efforts, she was admitted to the Art Institute in London. With expectations for the future and hopes for dreams, she said goodbye to her grandmother who lived in her hometown and embarked on the road of studying alone. When I first arrived in London, everything seemed so novel and fashionable to Eluth, but at the same time, the complex interpersonal relationship and heavy study also brought great pressure to Eluth.

Unable to adapt to the dormitory life, Eluth rented an old but comfortable single room. Unexpectedly, on the first night here, she went back to the 1960s half asleep, and met a woman named Sandy (played by Anya Taylor Joy). Eluth saw through Sandy's eyes how she gradually degenerated from a talented woman to a prostitute and was finally killed.

7. Dune

The film Sand Dunes presents a mysterious and touching journey of heroes for the audience. Directed by fate, Paul Ertredi, a gifted teenager, is determined to go to the most dangerous planet in the vast universe to start a thrilling adventure in order to protect his family and people. At the same time, various forces have joined the battlefield in order to seize a precious resource on the planet that can unleash the greatest potential of mankind. In the end, only those who can overcome their inner fears can survive.

8. Zack Snyder's Justice League

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), in order to ensure that Superman (Henry Carville) will not die in vain, decides to join hands with Diana Prince (Gail Gardo) and plan to recruit a team of super powers to protect the world from the coming catastrophic threat. But this task is more difficult than Bruce imagined, because each member must face and transcend his past demons, unite and finally form an unprecedented alliance of heroes. Batman, Wonder Woman, Sea King (Jason Moma), Steel Bone (Ray Fisher), and Lightning Man (Ezra Miller) must unite now, or they will not be able to stop the terrible plan of destroying the earth by the Wilderness Wolf (Salem Sid), Dessad (Peter Guinness), and Dakside (Ray Potter).

9. 007: No Time to Die

The world situation is unpredictable. Bond (Daniel Craig), who once again comes out of the mountain, faces an unprecedented crisis in history. The story of legendary agent 007 reaches its climax in this film. New and old roles gathered and appeared, Leia Saidu returned to play Madeleine, the Bond girl, for the second time. Safin (Lamy Marek), the most terrorist villain in the series, came on the stage and showed his ruthlessness without mercy. He not only revealed the secret hidden in Madeleine, but also brewed a plot that threatened millions of people's lives. The phantom party also seemed to emerge again. The new agent No. 00 (played by Lashna Lynch) and the mysterious woman (played by Anna de Armas) appear to fight with Bond halfway, but their real purpose remains a mystery. New and old feuds about Bond's life and death have come one after another. Can he save the world under the surging tide?

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10. Spider Man: No Way Home

Spiderman: Heroes Have No Return is the end of the trilogy of hero series, which also marks the official opening of Manway's multiverse. This time, Spiderman (Tom Hurland) and Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) joined hands to start a time and space war again after "Couplet 4". With the help of Dr. Strange's ability to control time and space, Spiderman opened the channel of time and space, causing a crisis never seen before.











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